Reality Check about Hard Work

Photo by Vignesh Moorthy on Unsplash

I was fortunate to attend a 90th birthday party for a family member recently. What an amazing way to celebrate life, surrounded by family and friends, a beautiful lunch put on for everybody. Truly special.

There were lots of speeches made by grandchildren, friends, sons and daughters. They spoke of his generosity, his positive attitude and his excellent work ethic. This man in particular has an expression that we use in our home often:

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

This gentlemen has used it many times when people around him point to his material possessions and tell him he’s lucky to have…this ..or lucky to have..that.

“That’s funny, because the harder I work, the luckier I seem to get” he replies in mock amazement, hands spread wide.

Has he had a cushy job? No. Has he stumbled upon an invention to make millions? No. Just applied a little hard work around the clock from age 14 to 75. Worth remembering in this age of entitlement. We all assume things will magically flow to us, without putting the work in and we’re puzzled when they don’t. We think public transport is beneath us, we prefer a lift to our destination in a car. We want everything right now and are not prepared to wait. We seem afraid of hard work, and the result is a population of misery guts’!

Worth taking a little time pouring our glass half full again, taking a leaf out of this 90th year old’s book who can stand in front of a crowd, look around and know exactly why he is lucky. And sleep very well at night.

Cheers to that!

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