Why People Do the #$@% They Do

Being a lover of history, modern and ancient, I heard an interesting interview on the Sydney’s ABC radio during 2016. It discussed findings about Neanderthals, evidence emerged indicating neanderthals mated with our homo-sapien ancestors resulting in movement of ‘early people’ from Africa to Europe and Asia, and eventually to our modern Australia and beyond. I really appreciate the pieces of the puzzle being laid out before my eyes and being put together for me. It¬†helps us understand the ‘way people are’ or ‘what makes people tick’.

I wish I could tell you the name of this particular professor so you could listen to his findings yourself, but what I gleaned from his research may help you deal with your fellow humans and all their failings. His main points emerging from findings deduced:

  • There has always been social climbers. People who think someone else can offer them a better life than their current clan can. It helps people to move if they look down on others and think they are somehow above them.
  • There has always been mating out of ‘mateship‘. People who believe mating with someone other than their current partner can offer than more than they currently have.
  • People have always wanted more, and have always been willing to geographically move to find happiness, in the form of abundance of food, a perceived safer or better place to raise their children and families.
  • ¬†People have always valued beauty in others and kept away from sickness or ugliness. This has helped them make beautiful and healthy children, ensuring longevity in their genes.
  • People won’t necessarily be fair, take turns or value people who support them the way you think they will. By using people who can help them get ahead, they will do exactly that. Ruthlessness has assisted the global spread of humankind.

Looking at millions of years of evolution, in a nutshell we can say ‘Don’t wait around for any thanks’, people. It sure ain’t coming!

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